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Musical prodigies with extraordinary talents often start out their career on youtube.In 2006, a Youtube video mesmerized the world.The global andience was captivated by a boy just over 10 years old playing acoustic guitar.

Over 1 hundred million combined views. With up to 8 million hits for single videos.Wanting to share stage with him, prominent musicians from overseas started to send him invitations. And last April and October,guitar prodigy Sungha performed with them on stage.Sungha also had successful tours with other musicians already,in such countries as Germany,Thailand,Us and Finland.

An 8th grader, his daily life is rather distinguished from those of his peers in that he never loses touch with music.

Sungha:I have been learning songwriting and this is the book I use for the lesson.It has general stuff for writing songs,like basic codes,composing structures,etc.

Beyound just performing instruments,his musical talent allowed him to tackle a more challenging area:composition.He lately came up with 2 original tunes while just fiddling around.With recent release of his debut album,Sungha is now able to call himself a professional musician.

He will always remember his first recordong come in a studio owned by a world-renowned guiarist,who also gladly supported the whole project.

Sungha:There's this German guitarist named Ulli boegershausen.Basically he told me that he would help record and master my first CD in his home studio,so I went to Germany.
成河:那是一个德国吉他大师Ulli Bogershausen。他和我说他乐意在他的工作室帮我录专辑,所以我去了德国。

The guitarist,who volunteered to produce Sungha's first album,showered him with praises after the recording. With such a brilliant interpretation and emotions,Sungha no doubt has what it takes to be one of the best guitarists.

Sungha spends a lot of time in his own practice room during the day.For the last 4 years, he practiced the guitar everyday.So he prefers to describe himeself as a hard worker rather than prodigy.In addition to the extraordinary talent,his unceasing efforts seem to be what made him the person that he is now.

Sungha:Normally people don't use these guitar picks much.But I need to wear them because I don't really have a lot of fingernail left.I use these tips to pick as well as stroke the strings.

What Sungha dose is a particular guitar technique called Fingerstyle,which is not yet widely noted in Korea.It is a finger-picking style which allows players to express rhythm and melody together.However, they have to have high level skills to deliver the rich sound this demanding technique allows.

Sungha:This is the bass\rhythm here.And this is the melody part.Together they sound like....You can play both the melody and the bass all at the same time this way.

I would like to see him continue to work hard to fulfill his dream of becoming a great guitarst/musician.In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing Sungha grow like Yuna Kim in music world.I have a high expectation for him.
某大叔:我愿意看到他继续努力的练习,去完成他成为一个专业音乐家的梦想。事实上,在音乐届我也不介意看到成河像Yuna Kim那样成长。我对他有很大的期望。

What kind of future would the boy who met the instrument at 7 picture for himeself?

Sungha:Now that I am a pro guitarist, I'd like to go around many places in the world,playing for my audience.

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